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Description: The smell and taste for this one were absolutely top-notch — a great fusion of the two parent strains. We recommend this one as a daytime pick-me-up sort of med, as it provided good mental focus while making us feel very positive and relaxed. The initial potency was very strong, so inexperienced patients may want to take it easy at first. Lineage: OG Kush x ChemDog Aroma: One of the best pre-grind smell samples we’ve had, it’s ridiculously pungent in the jar, broadcasting its acrid skunky-fuel essence all over the room. Once ground, the overall stank seemed to calm down slightly, unleashing more measured Kush notes (spice, soil, pine, citrus). It seemed ChemDog-dominant overall though, with strong notes of gun oil, glue, and other sharp, chemmy smells. Flavor: One of the best and most lastingly pungent tastes we’ve had in some time, this strain yielded a very strong chemical citrus attack, with some oddly flowery notes. The in-mouth taste was soil-heavy, with some citrus elements. On exhalation, a lingering aftertaste of gun oil and fuel complete this complex and pungent taste package. Qualities: Quickly the face feels pressure fluctuations, the eyes lower, and waves of energy are felt throughout the body — there was some “butterflies” feeling and a little heart-racing to start. After that passed, it felt fairly functional mentally, but the body was reluctant to do much more than enjoy a seat and it took on a fairly direct Indica quality. Even that initial wave of potency wasn’t all that strong though, and this was a manageable medication overall, making it suitable for many situations, whether they be social, solitary, or a little of both.

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