Master Kush

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Description: Nicely potent, and endured at medicinal levels for quite some time. Though it might be a little too sedate for a professional situation, the mental relaxation seemed able to be “shaken off” if required, leaving us fairly capable. This strain is recommended as an evening type of med for those who are seeking Indica-dominant relief from daily aches and pains… it’s enough to relax after work but won’t necessarily drag down your night or send you to bed unexpectedly. Lineage: Hindu Kush IBL Story: Also referred to as SoCal Master Kush Appearance: Rounded olive drab closed cluster calyxes with saddle brown pistils, and short fat trichomes with large heads Aroma: This sample gave off a slightly skunky Kush scent, with a blend of piney citrus, spice, and a hint of fuel. It was nicely pungent both pre and post-grind, developing a bit of a fennel scent and some sweetness once disturbed. Flavor: Taste-wise, this one was a fairly spice-heavy Kush with hints of backing sweet citrus. Qualities: This strain started things off with some fairly strong head pressure and warmth, leaving the staff feeling rather medicated but cheerful and talkative. The warming body sensation was appreciated, as it started almost immediately and also ccontributed to the improved demeanor. After this initial period of uplift, this strain seemed to drop us down into a heavy state of relaxation where the core was heavy and warm but the limbs were mobile and active. Mentally it was fairly difficult to concentrate on tasks and this one was best left to the couch and evening relaxation.


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