Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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Description: An extremely powerful Sativa-dominant strain with an odd musky fruit-meets-chocolate taste and smell package, the ATF originated in Alaska in the 1970’s but retains its popularity to this day. Lineage: Northern California Sativa and Afghani genetic lines, possibly containing Oaxacan Gold and/or Original Haze Story: Originally called “Matanuska Valley Thunder Fuck”, this strain became popular back in the mid 1970’s when High Times magazine did a story on the strain following the court decision that essentially legalized marijuana possession in Alaska. Shortening the name to the more friendly Matanuska Thunder Fuck, the strain eventually became known as Alaskan Thunderfuck by the non-native speakers who heard tale and traveled to Alaska to experience it for themselves. Originally a much more Sativa-dominant plant, it had more Afghani bred in for heartiness. The original clones went underground following DEA raids in the 1980’s, at times being protected by the Hell’s Angels. Aroma: Musky fruit with a light sweetness Flavor: Much like the smell, it has lightly sweet but musky fruit flavors and an interesting smooth chocolatey quality Qualities: Overwhelmingly potent at times for some users, the ATF packs a strong Sativa punch that uplifts the mood but often leaves the user with no ability to do anything other than hang on for the ride. Strong body relaxation and mood elevation combine with appetite stimulation and ocular relief to make ATF a particularly medicinal Sativa. Grow Medium: Flowers late and long outdoors, but normally speeds up when grown indoors. The structure has definite Afghani influences, but the flowers tend to be foxtailed with thick, ropey pistils that retain their thickness and prominence when dried. ATF will take rather strong feeding and produce well.


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