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Cannabis is a powerful plant, a potential human ally, potent medicine, and often a heckofa good time. There are different strains, different types of the plant that we’ll describe herein. Some of these various marijuanas have varied effects on our diverse brains. Plus human technology has evolved and encouraged different strengths in this plantmatter. Hopefully we can help you find something that might ease your pain, relax your mind, or develop a better relationship with reality.


Usually when people talk about the “type” or marijuana they mean indica, hybrid, sativa, CBD. Think of those as broad areas of effect: what kind of overall feeling is the herb providing? We’ll explain a bit more below:


When people speak of “strains” they might mention names like Sour Diesel, Maui Wowie, OG Kush, Chem Dog, Bruce Banner, Grand Daddy Purple, Thai Stick, Girl Scout Cookies, Acapulco Gold. These fanciful appellations apply to the specific characteristics of that strain, within the broader type of experience of the type high CBD/indica/hybrid/sativa. So for example, Jack Herer strain is of the Sativa type. These different strains can offer quite different experiences, especially when they interact with each of our unique brain chemistries. Over time with some gentle psychonautical experimentation, you can determine what kind of cannabis experience you want to invoke for your different situations.


THC? CBD? TLA – Three Letter Acronyms – cannabis has got ’em. As you read through our products, you’ll notice these capitalized combos describe various chemical compounds present to varying degrees in this plant. According to Project CBD, Cannabis has around 200 terpenes and their effects are still being unearthed and researched. As we explore cannabis with you, we look forward to describing these terpenes on these pages!


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Cannabis can offer heightened or deadened sensations, but you should know that stoned feeling is largely optional. Today there are a wide range of marijuana products that can relieve pain, enhance hobbies, or align with your exercise routine without altering your consciousness or impairing your ability to be present. If you feel intimidated or put off by “stonededness” keep your eye out for items with high CBD – those products tend to be more soothing overall, and less psychoactive.


Cannabis is a plant. Each plant represents specific genetics nurtured in a unique mix of soil, nutrients, light, and moisture. Then you, human, take a substance derived from this plant, and you put in your unique body, with your signature microbiome, not to mention whatever other substances and foodstuffs you may have recently ingested.

We can give some reasonable guidelines: edibles are the most no joke of all the cannabis methods. Edibles can lay you out. Start with 5mg or less of an edible. Less than 5mg to start if you are sensitive to substances or you don’t weigh very much.

With regards to dabbing, if you’re wondering how much is enough, your first few dabs will definitely be too much. Unless you’re starting with CBD-heavy strains, which could help you better keep your wits about you.

For smoking and vaping, fortunately it comes on pretty quick so it’s more difficult to oversmoke or overvape. Except, of course, by trying to take too much in one breath. Imagine yourself sipping cannabis – taking small hits, with a big chaser of air, and letting that sit inside of you comfortably. It’s not an inhale olympics, unless that’s how you like to roll. Overall you can avoid getting too stoned if you can imbibe slowly and pay attention to your breath.


Anything can be done too much, cannabis included. Smoking anything is hard on your lungs. Eating too much edible cannabis can staple you to the floor. Please use any psychoactive substance with caution. Cannabis is far less threatening to your health than alcohol, but don’t lose your mind and your ability to be present for your priorities. We wrestle with the right balance ourselves.



The Healing Power of CBD


Since cannabis has been illegal for most of recent memory, we don’t have sustained, deep scientific research on the impacts and potential for this plant. However recently we’ve discovered great potential in CBD, cannabidiol, one of the chemical compounds present in varying degrees in all cannabis (but not industrial hemp). CBD is suggested to relieve an impressive range of conditions including joint pain, menstrual cramps, anxiety, and even a rare epileptic condition called Dravet syndrome. Products marketed as high-CBD will tend to have less THC, so they are not as psychoactive as the regular indica/sativa/hybrid weed. We have created a page exploring CBD in more detail.

Here’s a few of our recommended CBD products, designed to assist you with your personal healing and relief, or search across our products for CBD.



Helps you feel fine and mellow


Indica has wider fatter leaves. This is the more relaxing pot. The sit down and watch a movie pot. The go to sleep soon afterwards or even during the movie pot. If you have pain, and you want to take the edge off overall, this could be a good choice. A potentially healthier way to wind down after work, compared to alcohol or fight club. We’ve written a page about cannabis and sleep; indica strains tend to be popular there.

Here’s a few of our recommended Indica products, designed to help you feel fine and mellow:





Helps you feel uplifted


Sativa has longer skinnier leaves. This is the more exciting pot. The get up and dance pot. The come up with new ideas pot. The keep you awake pot. This is marijuana you can use during the daytime, and might get you outdoors or to your hobby bench. Or calling up an old friend with a wild suggestion.

Here’s a few of our recommended CBD products, designed to assist you with your personal healing and relief, or search across our products for CBD.



Looking for the best ways to consume marijuana?


Cannabis is a dynamic, psychoactive substance. Humans have been ingesting it for thousands of years. They have smoked it, they have eaten & drank it, they have rubbed it on their skin and shoved it in their ears. Fortunately, it’s pretty hard to hurt yourself with pot, unless you eat more edible cannabis than you’re ready for; that can feel something perhaps like dying for a few hours.

We offer a range of ways to consume cannabis in measured doses; here’s a few of the ways you might try.


With edibles, the dosage is a prominent part of the packaging. With cannabis, the talk is of grams or 1/8th ounces. More expensive products tend to have more rare ingredients, more painstaking artisanal, outdoor, organic, biodynamic, fermentation farming, solvent-free, even bury the ram’s horn loaded with crystals in leaves of Persian shield on the full moon sorts of production methods.